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   We currently are licensed and working in Florida:

​   FL Lic. # CBC1258851       


   Feel free to look up our business  data universal number system          number:

   D-U-N-S # 01-696-6069


Lee Contracting Unlimited, Inc. a General Building Contractor with a full service Construction Management firm serving Florida.

Since 2009, just as our name says, our company has been providing unlimited services to our customers. We offer a variety of services from renovations and instillation with service capabilities throughout Florida. We have full time crews ready and available for any service needed. Feel free to call at any point. We are eager to assist our clients. Our goal is to provide value to our customers through our services during each encounter. We achieve our goal through assessing our customer's requirements, developing a strategic plan to address the need, provide transparent cost proposals and exemplary project execution to completion on time--every time. At Lee Contracting Unlimited, we operate with the highest integrity, most transparent approach, and fairness in all we do. With our dependability, commitment, and our ability to adapt, we seek to establish long lasting partnerships with each customer. 

​LCU is a female-owned company which values the importance of diversity in the workplace and business relationships. We believe in helping the customer achieve its corporate diversity goals by seeking out qualified subcontractors and promoting local contractors in their own communities. Achieving and maintaining diversity in the workforce and sub-contractor base leads to better competitiveness and quality service for our clients. 

The Safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority. In our years established as a company, we have never had a workplace accident and take many precautions to prevent that occurrence from ever coming to fruition. No matter the job, we hold daily safety briefings as well as have a supervisor on site or available per necessity. See our safety tips of the month!

At LCU, we also promote being environmentally friendly. We are committed to doing business in ways that are good for people and sustaining for our planet. That is why we have made improvements in our business practices and have achieved a green company status. Protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities where we operate is important to us and we continually seek better ways to constantly minimize our footprint on our earth.