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LCU provides an all inclusive service that covers any project that our clients may have. Some of these services include:

  • Commercial Contracting

  • Commercial Renovations

  • Building Maintenance

  • General Work

  • Architectural and LEED AP Services

  • Project Consulting

  • Lead RPR Renovations

  • NCDOT Erosion & Sediment Control/ Storm Water

  • Matting

  • and many more..

General Construction- We provide complete construction services for renovations and maintenance of Commercial Buildings.


Cost Estimating- We provide cost estimation services using various estimation software and onsite project review to deliver the best estimate possible. Our experience has led to most of the projects we estimate to come in on or under budget.


Engineering- We partner with a select few excellent Engineering Firms to provide comprehensive design and engineering services.


Roofing- We partner with a select few of the best Roofing Contractors to provide full Roofing Services.

Landscaping & Irrigation - We partner with a select group of Contractors to provide quality and  affordability.

General Construction

Restoration- Complete restoration of rutted areas caused by line equipment includes back dragging with equipment and hand raking. (filling in with additional soil and sod) Spoil removal- loading and hauling off of spoils as they are removed for pole placement. 

Matting- Off loading mats from supplier, positioning, and laying of mats as they are needed for temporary working platform, pickup and relocate by stacking-loading and transporting if necessary for a new work location. After line project is complete we clean of any spoils-stack and reload on supplier truck for transportation. We then verify with our customer the returned amount for verification of “Off rent” materials. 

Fencing and gates- Verify location where fence and or gates are needed, purchase necessary materials and install. Some of this type work is installed as permanent and some is for temporary access. If temporary, when the work is completed we go back and replace any and all fencing that was initially removed back with same type and kind of materials.  

Concrete work- Removal and replacement of any damaged sidewalks, driveways or storm culverts. This task also consist of recycle recovery and furnishing of new materials. After the line structure is removed and laid on the ground we will cut up and place in dumpsters all wood , all steel and all porcelain for recycling purposes and obtain proper documentation for disposal. 

Utility Construction